The Working Place of the Future: VMware Bulgaria is Moving into a New Cutting Edge Office in 2019

The Working Place of the Future: VMware Bulgaria is Moving into a New Cutting Edge Office in 2019

VMware Bulgaria is an innovation hub for EMEA and a strategic R&D site for VMware.

Can you imagine a working day like this: delivering a 3D presentation to a team of super enthusiastic  and talented  IT geeks in the morning, relaxing in the park at lunchtime, and going for a swim in the afternoon, all of them happening in one place- VMware’s new office building to be opened in 2019?
The recent announcement that VMware is investing in a brand new state-of-the-art office building in Sofia – Garitage Park, has left many of us wondering what one of the most influential and innovative IT companies in Bulgaria is up to this time.
With a capacity of at least 1,500 working places, the new offices will occupy more than 20,000m2 of the future Garitage Park buildings , making the site the largest ever commercial office real-estate of its kind in Sofia.

Expected to be fully functional in 2019, the new office building will be in line with VMware’s global commitment to sustainable development and operations. The company will provide world-class environmentally- friendly working environment with facilities for reducing  the carbon footprint within the building, including solar panels and electric car charging stations, combined with green areas for leisure and relaxation.
Copy of VMware_Garitage Park_New building_2.jpgCopy of VMware_Garitage Park_New building_1.jpgCopy of Garitage Park_2.jpgCopy of Garitage Park_3.jpgCopy of Garitage Park_1.jpg
The new office building will also offer cutting edge working facilities and next generation tools for global collaboration, such as conference rooms allowing for a 3D-like experience, interactive touch screen boards, people and conference room availability tracker and cloud-based conference room services.

The investment in the office of the future confirms VMware Bulgaria’s commitment to its employees’ work-life balance: the new offices will provide state-of-the -art sports facilities with a swimming pool, fitness center, and green areas with playgrounds. 

As we increase our commitment to our employees in Bulgaria, we want to become an even more attractive place for Bulgarian and foreign professionals to live and work in Sofia. Garitage Park suits our key requirements to have our business continue to develop, while providing the level of working conditions that allows our employees to flourish,

Diana Stefanova, Managing Director for EMEA R&D, VMware

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