VMware Bulgaria Tackles the Innovation Challenge
VMware Bulgaria Tackles the Innovation Challenge

VMware Bulgaria Tackles the Innovation Challenge

It took just 10 years for VMware to become one of biggest IT investors in Bulgaria, a leading IT development and innovation and hub, and an employer of choice attracting the best IT talent in the region.

Since  2007 the company has invested  more than BGN 350 million into its Bulgarian operations while  expanding its workforce- currently about 700 employees and growing- to make Sofia one of the top three core strategic R&D sites for VMware globally. The plans to more than double its size to 1,500 employees over the next few years are just another proof of VMware’s strategic approach  and operational excellence in managing one of the most innovative IT companies in Bulgaria.

Innovation – Not Just a Buzz Word

Research has shown that diversity is one of the key factors behind innovation in the business context, and at VMware Bulgaria it is not just a buzz word. With a diverse team of more than 10 nationalities, and domain expertise in areas such as core virtualization, management and automation, availability, disaster recovery and analytics, the Sofia site is responsible for driving innovation across the business and serving the needs of some of the world’s largest organisations.

Over the years VMware’s innovation mindset has found its roots in its organizational design. A cornerstone of the company’s innovation strategy is the Innovation lab founded in 2015 to help the development of innovative technologies around Open Source and Internet of Things, while the Professional Services Centre of Excellence (PSCoE) enables the development of transformative technologies that allow VMware customers to innovate.

In addition to the existing expertise in IT, software development, product management, quality engineering and technical publications, the team in Sofia has expanded its business operations expertise by setting up a dedicated financial & business services team, offering in-depth skills in finance, business analytics and business intelligence.

All of the above helped transform VMware Bulgaria from an R&D facility to a multifunctional hub with dedicated product, professional services, and business operations teams.

The instrumental role of the Bulgarian operations in the global VMware strategy was also acknowledged by Pat Gelsinger, Chief Executive Office of VMware, during his visit in Bulgaria: “Our operations in Bulgaria are a vital part of our ability to develop software and services that allow our customers to move faster, embrace new business models, and compete more effectively. The past decade has shown VMware Bulgaria has been on the edge of delivering innovative technology and is helping our customers through the digital transformation of their businesses. We are committed to a continuous investment in the region. I’m truly excited about what this team will achieve in the future.”

VMware Bulgaria – An Employer of Choice

As a dedicated Bulgarian employer, VMware attracts talent globally with its work on cutting edge technologies and projects with global impact, multiple programs and initiatives for personal and professional development. In this regard, the company has been recognised by the likes of Forbes, Computerworld, The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) and WebIT, amongst others, for its corporate social policy, people development programs, investor in the community, and product development.
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