Upcoming events & networking opportunities in May
Upcoming events & networking opportunities in May

Upcoming events & networking opportunities in May

Here is where VMware Bulgaria will be this month

This May VMware will be sharing valuable insights across multiple tech domains.  See when and where you can meet our team and join the discussion about latest trends in IoT, Java, Open Source Development and much more.

Here is a list of all forthcoming events organized or attended by VMware Bulgaria in May:

JavaBeer in Gramofon Club, 9th of May, Sofia

VMware invites you to join the next social beer event,  co-organized with Java.Beer. All java gurus, grand-masters or just enthusiasts are welcomed to join us for a Java chat and networking. Come along to chat about latest trends in the Java & dive into a selection of great craft beers and snacks.

Where: Gramofon Club, 6 Budapest Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
When: 09 May 2018 @ 19:00

IoT Adventure Forum – 15th of May, Novotel Sofia

The event brings together early adopters, seasoned traditional businesses, start-ups, explorers, developers and IoT strategists eager to discover the potential of the connected world and exchange best practices and knowledge. Vesselin Arnaudov, Director Advanced Development Center & IoT at VMware, will shed light on how industries are adopting IoT in large scale, seeing returns on investment whether it is by creating new customer experiences, saving costs or boosting productivity. To learn what are the challenges of doing IoT at enterprise-scale attend his presentation – “Meeting at the Edge: the Industrial Internet of Things“.

Learn more: HERE 

Continuous Integration and Delivery with Jenkins Pipelines - 16th of May, VMware Bulgaria office in Sofia, also available online

Jenkins is the leading open source automation server. It provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are often cited as pillars of successful DevOps. In this session Dinko Ivanov will present the process, best practices and benefits of building CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins.

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Kernel Shark: Dynamic visualization of software events inside the Linux kernel – 17th of May, VMware Bulgaria office in Sofia, also available online

The Linux kernel has control over everything that occurs in the system, hence it knows everything. If you want to see exactly what is happening, you have to ask the kernel, but how can you do this?

If you’re interested in Open Source or have experience with Kernel Development this is definitely a must visit event. Join the discussion IN PERSON at the VMware office or via ONLINE WEBINAR and learn about the Kernel Shark from a leading industry expert - Yordan Karadzhov .

Yordan's experience includes six years as senior researcher at University of Geneva, where he worked in some of the world's largest physics laboratories, like CERN, FermiLab and RAL, developing software for particle physics experiments. He is now part of VMware Open source team.

jPrime 2018 - 29th and 30th May, Sofia Tech Park

Java enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting jPrime where they will have the opportunity to meet great international speakers along with the best presenters from Bulgaria and the Balkans.

Among them is Ianislav Trendafilov, Staff Engineer at VMware with 16+ years of experience in software and hardware project development, datacenter operations and architecture, telecom networks and IoT tinkering. He will share his experience in the  talk "Compile time annotation processing".

Learn more about the event: HERE 

VMware Internship Campaign

The application for VMware Bulgaria’s internship program is opened for talented students and recent graduates who have passion for software engineering and are motivated to learn. If you are looking for ways to improve you career prospects and better your chances of starting a fulfilling career at a global tech leader, you are encouraged to apply for one of VMware’s 44 available internship projects.

Do not miss this growth opportunity and act today!
Learn more: HERE 
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