Relocating to Bulgaria is a Fast Track for Leaving a Mark in Technology Industry

Relocating to Bulgaria is a Fast Track for Leaving a Mark in Technology Industry

VMware Bulgaria is a leading IT development and innovation hub, as well as an employer of choice for the best IT talent in the region

With more than 500,000 customers and over 75,000 solution partners worldwide (IBM, Amazon, Cisco, and others) VMware is among the top five most successful IT companies worldwide. As such, we are the preferred employer of some of the most talented engineers across the globe.

VMware is a pioneer in virtualization and innovator in cloud and business mobility. The scope of our operations is immense - our infrastructure platforms are found in 100% of Fortune 500 companies, saving them tens of billions of dollars each year. Driven by our ambitious growth plans, we are looking to expand our team in one of our key strategic offices – the one in Sofia, Bulgaria.

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your career in a global technology leader and are motivated to have your contribution in the transformation of technology as we know it, consider relocating to Bulgaria! 

Read how this decision can strongly impact your professional development below!

VMware Bulgaria’s role on a global scale

In VMware Bulgaria, your contribution can create a lasting global impact. Since its establishment, VMware’s office in Bulgaria has become one of the key driving forces of the industry, employing a diverse team of nearly 800 world-class professionals (we are the largest IT employer in Bulgaria). Over the years VMware Bulgaria has transformed from a purely R&D facility to a multifunctional hub with product, revenue generating professional services, and business operations teams and is now one of the three core strategic sites for VMware globally and the largest one in EMEA.

Major milestones of the site’s development are the creation of a Professional Services Center of Excellence and an Innovation lab focused on projects in the fields of Open source, Internet of things and Machine learning.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, acknowledged the instrumental role of the Bulgarian operations in the global VMware strategy during his visit in Bulgaria:

“Our operations in Bulgaria are a vital part of our ability to develop software and services that allow our customers to move faster, embrace new business models, and compete more effectively. The past decade has shown VMware Bulgaria has been on the edge of delivering innovative technology and is helping our customers through the digital transformation of their businesses. We are committed to a continuous investment in the region. I’m truly excited about what this team will achieve in the future.”

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware

EPIC2 Culture in Action

VMware Bulgaria’s progress as a site would not have been possible without an open and collaborative environment. The culture in Sofia is all about opportunity, passion, innovation, and seamless execution together.

There are numerous cases to illustrate how the innovative culture at VMware empowers people to achieve more. The Sofia site has seen many talented individuals who had a vision, took the initiative to pursue a new venture internally, brought good results and now, with the support of the leadership, are operating global teams that are bringing value to VMware customers worldwide.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning is the desire of our employees to give back to the communities that they live and work in and the care they show for the environment. Through the support of the VMware Foundation, employees join forces to making change happen.

A recent outstanding example of VMware’s great culture in action is the Carpool Sharing project.  A small team of engineers saw the opportunity to solve in a single move several key issues for the company while bringing extraordinary benefits to the environment. By initiating an internal car-sharing service with a fleet of 10 electric automobiles, they managed to overcome the problem with limited access to parking spaces and improved cross-team collaboration and limiting the carbon footprint of the organization.

VMware Bulgaria as an outstanding employer

At VMware Bulgaria, we celebrate our people from a wide variety of dynamic backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We strive to attract and engage the multinational, multicultural talent critical to our globally connected business. Through the years, we managed to create a community that is inclusive and diverse. With our work on cutting edge technologies and projects with global impact, industry-leading programs for personal and professional development, VMware Bulgaria has managed to attract a great team of more than 10 nationalities. This synergetic mix of people and cultures is responsible for driving innovation across various projects in virtualization, management and automation, availability, disaster recovery and analytics.

The continuous commitment to employees brought VMware recognition as best in class employer in Bulgaria by entities such as Forbes, Computerworld, and The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). Another proof of the outstanding people-orientation of leadership is the fact that VMware’s employees voted the company as Best Employer in Bulgaria in AON’s annual survey last year.
Read more about the life in VMware here!

How does the future look for the company

Driven by globalization, VMware is set to experience a rapid growth internationally. For the last 10 years, the office in Bulgaria has positioned as one of the leading drivers of innovation for the company and its clients globally. Thus, the leadership of VMware has put emphasis on Bulgaria in the expansion of our business.

The office in Sofia is set to double in size in the years to come, reaching 1500 people.  The company has already taken strategic actions to facilitate the smooth expansion of the workforce. VMware is investing in a brand new state-of-the-art office building in Sofia – Garitage Park. The new offices will be fully functional in 2019 and will occupy more than 20,000 m2, providing excellent working and recreational facilities for the growing team.  You can read about VMware’s plans to create a world-class working environment for its employees here.
Growth in size also comes with new opportunities for professional  development in the field of IT, product development and solutions, QA and technical documentation, but not only - the team in Sofia unfolds its expertise in the direction of business operations - specialized teams with deep knowledge in Finance, Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI).

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Few words about Sofia

VMware's Bulgarian office is located in Sofia, the capital and largest city in the country, situated in western Bulgaria at the foot of the beautiful Vitosha Mountain. The city abounds in rich history and is an important cultural and historic center for Balkan region. Sofia is a modern, youthful city that offers its inhabitants great career opportunities, as well as a rich array of cultural and leisure experiences. You can expect more information about the topic soon. 
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