Meet Dan Goriaynov who chose to relocate to Bulgaria and pursue a fulfilling career at VMware
Meet Dan Goriaynov who chose to relocate to Bulgaria and pursue a fulfilling career at VMware

Meet Dan Goriaynov who chose to relocate to Bulgaria and pursue a fulfilling career at VMware

This is Dan's story, a Ukrainian who decided to build his career in VMware Bulgaria. 

Dan is a positive-minded Software Developer at VMware Bulgaria, who is gladly giving his personal contribution to make the world a better place for everyone to live, work and create. We meet with him to discuss how he decided to continue his career outside his home country – Ukraine, and why he chose to work for VMware in Sofia.

How did you first learn about VMware as an organization and how did you decide to apply for a position at the company?   

My experience with VMware and its products starts many years ago in my early teens. I was using VMware player and VMware Workstation both at home and at university since I was 15 years old, so you can say I was aware of the company and its scale.

Probably many of the readers will find my story familiar - one day I decided that I need a career change, so I published my CV on a few different job-searching websites. It was not long and a HR representative from VMware contacted me to offer me to apply for a position at the company. And so, the interview process began.

How and why did you decide to accept the job offer at VMware and to move to Bulgaria?

Well, first VMware is a recognized name globally, a leader in virtualization and pioneer in cloud computing; you can find our products in every business domain. For example, almost all Fortune 500 companies are either our clients or work with us as our partners. It is a great opportunity to be employed in such an organization – you feel that your work matters, which is very important for me.

Secondly, the economics of being a Software Engineer in Bulgaria are lucrative. When you compare local salaries and the cost of living in a city such as Sofia, the picture becomes appealing – the purchasing power here is equal, if not better, to the one in Western Europe (UK, Germany, the Netherlands and etc.). Also, the overall life and culture and people here are better suited to my taste, because they are more or less similar to what I was used to in Ukraine.  

VMware is also a great employer and offers plenty of benefits to all employees – different volunteering opportunities, access to learning resources and initiatives, food, drinks, parties, regular team-building. The attitude of management also stands out – managers/directors are just as approachable and humble as the rest of the employees. It is a great place to grow professionally.

An additional bonus is that Sofia is very well connected with other European cities, it is both convenient and affordable to travel across the EU. Weekend brakes in Rome or longer holidays in sunny Malta are all few clicks away.

You have been working in Bulgaria for almost 2 years now, are you happy with the choice you made? What would you advise people who are looking forward to following your personal example?

Definitely! I am very happy with the decision to relocate to Bulgaria and grateful for the opportunity to be part of VMware. I enjoy life and feel very excited and enthusiastic about the future of our company and the products we are working on. Our team is growing quickly, and so is VMware’s impact on a global scale! It is great to be a part of it!

Living and working in Sofia definitely lived up to my expectation, so I would advise them to be bold and make a decision while they have the opportunity.

What do you like most about living in Bulgaria?

If we are to mention a few examples - the winters here are nice and warm, nature is simply fascinating, and the country is relatively small so everything is easily accessible. In addition, there are plenty of seas and great beaches where you might decide to go. All those options make Bulgaria a great destination for living a fulfilled life.

Now I am simply excited about what is to come. However, do not simply take my word for it, come and experience it on your own!

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