Meet The Hiring Manager
What makes VMware different from any other company Nikolay has worked for is the culture - the willingness of people to help each other and move forward constructively with passion and integrity.

14 May 2021

Meet The Hiring Manager
Meet Dimitar Kostov, Director R&D. His team is one of the core teams designing and developing VMware’s headline datacenter management product – VMware Cloud Foundation with the mission to make clouds ubiquitous, easy to build and operate so workloads can run anywhere...

28 April 2021

Stories of Who We Are
Ever since I realised I wanted to become a developer, it has been my dream to work for VMware.

26 April 2021

Meet The Hiring Manager
The biggest lesson I have learned is that there is always a way and you have to find the best one - for you, for the team and for the organization. I have always tried to find balance in every situation, and I have never put anyone's priorities first. It's just a matter ...

20 April 2021

Meet The Hiring Manager
As a team we believe in full-stack development because it gives us the opportunity to work on a wide range of problems related to different areas of the software. Having full product ownership enables the team to work on the features end-to-end, deliver quick results, an...

6 April 2021

Meet The Hiring Manager
Ivaylo Ivanov’s team in Sofia is working on VMware Cloud on AWS - an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware.

29 March 2021

Stories of Who We Are
Vassil is a software engineer at VMware with a passion for teaching and public speaking. 12 years ago he started at VMware as one of the five interns and mentees. Later on Vasil became a mentor and then his mentees became mentors. Today he has hundreds of colleagues who ...

19 March 2021

Stories of Who We Are
Kristina Zhelyazkova is a young software engineer at vRealize Automation Cloud at VMware.She graduated Sofia High School of Mathematics with full excellence and got a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in 2020. Krisi started ...

16 March 2021

Are you studying Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science, Finance, Human Resources, Business Administration or a related discipline? Are you excited about exploring a career opportunity while you’re still at the university?

1 March 2021

Stories of Who We Are
The Complete U is a video series telling the stories of the people at VMware – what drives them, what they do at work and outside of work and what makes them stay @VMware.

8 February 2021